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Our Stories


Back fence of home
Mark's story
"When I got the last rental increase, I replied that I would only pay it if the termite damage was fixed. The property manager's reply? Eviction notice."
Lauren's story
"The biggest problem for me is the instability, feeling unable to make the property your own, your home."
Letter box - patina red and slightly worn, number 8 on box
Kristy's story
"I had been renting a property for almost 12 months. I had made a complaint about a water tank leaking and nothing was done about it. Being a single mum of 3 I couldn't afford buying water every 9-14 days, so I took the matter further to the Tribunal. Next thing I knew I had been given an eviction notice with no reason given."
Jeremy and Mari
Jeremy's story
"We stood up to the landlord. That's the real reason we were evicted."
Back gate photo
Natasha's story
"It's a week before Christmas. We have a 3 year old child. And our agent threatens to evict us! We’ve never been even late with rent. We haven’t done any damage to the place."
Penny's story
"Anything else you're trying to do in your life – you just have to put it on hold."
Richard - image of a white man, with beard, blue eyes and glasses wearing a red tshirt
Richard's story
"If I was to get kicked out, it's no longer just an inconvenience to move, it's a huge upheaval."
Claire's story
"I wasn't only losing my home, they were divorcing me from my community."