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Our Stories


Keith's story
"When we went to Tribunal the landlord said "I'm selling the property." It was a lie, actions speak louder than words."
Steps coming down from house to street, covered in greenery
Sarah's story
"Initially the first week this happened – my head would not stop spinning with all the ‘what ifs’, asking myself ‘what will happen now?’ I was very anxious and worried I’d be evicted next. I’ve lost sleep. I’ve had nightmares."
Backyard of garden, pear tree in silhouette plus pear
Angie's story
"I'm at my wits end as to what to do... It has caused me a lot of anxiety. I’m not sleeping, and even having trouble having conversations with people because I just don’t know how far it's going to go."
Nicole's story
"When I spoke to the agent about the repairs, she said she'd talk to the owner. Instead I got an eviction notice."
Flats suburban, garage at bottom. Smile you are on camera sign
Krista's story
"As full time working parents 90 days does not seem long – we'd need to pack, potentially find new daycare/schools, make applications for properties, take time off for viewings."
Kristy's story
"I got the 90 day eviction notice right before Christmas and my daughter's birthday."
Back fence of home
Mark's story
"When I got the last rental increase, I replied that I would only pay it if the termite damage was fixed. The property manager's reply? Eviction notice."
Lauren's story
"The biggest problem for me is the instability, feeling unable to make the property your own, your home."
Letter box - patina red and slightly worn, number 8 on box
Kristy's story
"I had been renting a property for almost 12 months. I had made a complaint about a water tank leaking and nothing was done about it. Being a single mum of 3 I couldn't afford buying water every 9-14 days, so I took the matter further to the Tribunal. Next thing I knew I had been given an eviction notice with no reason given."