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Green paper house
Lucy's* Story
“The agent found it easier to go after her than the perpetrator because they saw her as more vulnerable, a softer target. She’s a 16-year-old doing the best she can in difficult circumstances."
Ron in his Make Renting Fair campaign T-Shirt
Ron's story
"Renters are facing hardship and need help, individual renters can’t do it alone. It will take a village to win the changes we need so that everyone can have a safe and secure place to call home."
Close up of Karen's face
Karen's story
"I couldn’t afford the increase - but now I have nowhere else to go...I’m effectively being made homeless because of this."
Kaye's story
"People from Sydney are escaping to regional NSW post Covid, so landlords are putting rent prices way up. I can’t afford the huge rental prices that are prevalent."
Emily and kids
Emily's story
"We’re in total rental crisis, but it feels like nobody is taking responsibility. We all need to come together and make some noise, and hold decision-makers accountable."
Greer's story
Greer had been living in her Port Macquarie home with her daughter for three years when she got a ‘no grounds’ eviction after requesting repairs.
Riki's story
"The precarity of so many sharehouse arrangements gives agents and landlords so much scope to exploit tenants." 
Garden shot, close up of gnome next to shrub
Nada's story
"I live in a regional city. I have only been in my new place for a few weeks and I've started to notice some pretty major things that need to be fixed. But I'm too scared to make a fuss because I don't want to lose this place 'because I was a problem tenant'."
Gate, garden behind and path to house. Number 6 in metal on gate
Poppy's story
"We are 5 months into a 6 month fixed term and our agent has told us we will receive a no grounds termination notice on the last day of our fixed term, meaning that we have to leave the property within 30 days."