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Have your say in the Improving NSW Rental Laws consultation

Improving NSW rental laws consultation now open

The NSW Government has now opened a consultation on Improving NSW renting laws. Now’s your chance to have your say on the changes needed to make renting fair!

The consultation is open until 11 August. It covers important areas for rental reform, including ending 'no grounds' evictions, pets and renting, renters' data privacy and rental affordability.

This consultation is a valuable opportunity for the 1 in 3 people in NSW who rent their homes — and anyone else interested in making renting fairer — to have a say in what our renting system should look like. 

You can have your say through completing the consultation survey or emailing your written submission to


The consultation survey is broken up into 6 sections: 

  • Reasons for a landlord to end a lease (evictions)
  • Pets and renting
  • Renters’ personal information
  • Portable bond scheme
  • Excessive rent increases & rental affordability
  • Other issues: embedded networks, free ways to pay rent, and strata schemes

You can choose which sections you want to answer, and skip over others.

Check out the Tenants' Union survey guide here.

Complete the survey here



You can contribute a written submission about your own renting experiences and views. You don't need to write a formal submission answering all of the questions in the consultation paper. Sharing your story as a renter in NSW is valuable.

Have you experienced an unfair 'no grounds' eviction? Lost out on a rental because you have a pet? Been hit with an unaffordable rent increase? Had to hand over loads of your private data in an automated rental application?

Share your stories as a submission so that your voice is heard and your experience can help shape change.

We have developed a submission template which outlines the campaign’s positions on some of the issues raised in the consultation, and gives prompts for elements of your renting experiences to share. You can use the template to make a submission about your own experiences, and then email it to You can choose to submit anonymously if you prefer.

Check out our submission template here.