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Nada's story


I live in a regional city. I have only been in my new place for a few weeks and I've started to notice some pretty major things that need to be fixed. But I'm too scared to make a fuss because I don't want to lose this place "because I was a problem tenant".  

Power points don't work, no water pressure, windows that have fallen out because of the wind. The wind gets in even when windows are shut. The blinds don't fully turn or don't shut.

I heard the landlord put the rent up when I moved in, but it's clear any repairs the previous tenants asked for were never fixed - including the air con not being installed (they asked for it and he said he would if they paid $20 more in rent). He put the rent up $25 without installing an air conditioner.

Going off the stories, I’m concerned about what will happen if I dare ask for these fixes.