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Clem's story


I am a good tenant. For fifteen years in Sydney I have privately rented. My recent separation from a long term partner meant I needed to find a room. 

And I found one! It was $220 a week in a terrace walking distance from my ex. I was still in my neighbourhood. I could still be available to deal with the inevitable fall out of a fairly friendly end to a relationship. 

My new flatmate was great. We were of an age and culture. We got along and were working towards scrubbing along and sorting mould, damp, electrics and taps ourselves.

The house had problems, but in the context these were manageable and typical for a terrace last renovated in the 70s.

We received a 90 day eviction notice, probably due to the owner resuming the property.

I will have to move for the second time in a year. My flatmate will have to break a house he's lived in for over ten years.

Emotionally and financially I am at the end of my reserves and cannot imagine right now what I will have to do to get through this. 

We know there is no way to fight this notice and stay. All we can do is suffer.


* Clem has asked for his real name to be withheld